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Welcome to the Belden Boy Series!


          Are you here because you’re looking for a heart-warming children’s book series...a series that instills hometown morals and values through characters that any child can relate to?

          Are you looking for a story with a strong anti-bullying message delivered by girls and boys who overcome their own disabilities and learn to positively work through friendship problems? 

          Are you interested in an anti-bullying series that is tied to State Core Standards for figurative language and perspective…a series that can be read aloud in literacy book groups, classrooms or home school environments?

          If so, then you’ve come to the right place for the children in your life.  Spend a few minutes browsing.  Learn about the Belden Boy journey.  Discover how much the book series has to offer.  And consider giving your special child an autographed collection of the four-time, award-winning Belden Boy Series for the holidays or as a birthday gift. 

- p.j. hartenaus, author

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“... children will get twice the educational benefit by reinforcing history lessons and teaching them about cooperation and what makes and stops a bully. All of this does not take into the account that the story is inherently entertaining as well, meaning that readers will devour and absorb Franky's adventures quickly, not unlike those of Tom Sawyer.”

- U.S. Review of Books 2016

“Thank you for an amazing experience! My kids loved going to 'school' each day and while they’re keeping their books a surprise, they could not stop talking about the fun they had each day. Thank you for offering a truly memorable experience for our whole family.”  

~ Erin

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